Version 2.15.8 has been released

Posted under announcements on November 21, 2021 by SheetKraft Bot

  • Fixed bug where DateValueEx.SK was reporting an error instead of a warning. When part of an IF formula, this could result in an activity failing without any visible error.
  • Fix to ExportSheets to support a space in a sheet name containing or referencing a chart.
  • Improved the performance of run history pages in cases where runs had bulky table outputs that were resulting in heavy data transfers.
  • Added a button to switch to and from the new beta UI.
  • Fixed a bug in ExportSheets where exporting a completely blank sheet would fail.
  • Fixed a crash in ActivityRunner when an error message in an activity was larger that the 4000 character limit. Such messages are now truncated.
  • Fixed bug where ExportToExcel with partitions into an Amazon S3 bucket would result in paths containing a back-slash instead of a forward-slash.
  • LoadFile.SK now supports loading entries from sk.FileEntries also. The first argument must be specified like sk.FileEntries.numeric_id where numeric_id is the Id of the required file from sk.FileEntries table. This functionality should not be needed in most cases.
  • ExportToExcel now supports grouping of rows and columns. This works by specifying the grouping level for ranges of rows.
  • The auto-generated API for activities now supports an extra property in the json body called async. If this is set to true, the API call will return immediately with a run id in the result instead of waiting for the activity to finish running. The caller can make requests with this id in future to the same url to receive the results.
  • The roles page now shows existing users in the role at the top.
  • Number formats in Indian format (lakhs and crores) are now supported in Activity inputs / outputs. For example a format like #,##,##0 will now work as expected.
  • ExportToDatabase now supports GUID columns in SQL Server and PostgreSQL
  • ExportToHtml template now supports type="date". This allows the use of format strings for Excel numbers to be interpreted as dates.
  • The auto-generated API for activities now supports providing a json value for text inputs without needing to serialize it.
  • The auto-generated API for activities now supports providing a json value for text inputs without needing to serialize it.
  • Fixed bug where DataFromDatabase with manual query or procedure could cause graph resolution errors.
  • DataFromEmail now saves attachments to files with the correct filename instead of a GUID.
  • Fixed bug where Define Activity screen would fail to load if the Validation for an input became invalid through deletion of the cell.
  • Added support for specifying a right for an activity input. Only users with the right will be able to specify a value for such inputs when running the activity.
  • Manual Download links (if script based download fails)

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