Version 2.15.10 has been released

Posted under announcements on December 19, 2022 by SheetKraft Bot

  • Added support for controlling concurrent runs of activities. This support is experimental and will be formalized in a future release.
  • Fix to crash when more than one defined function has the same name.
  • Fix to ExportSheets when a slicer was in use.
  • Improved error reporting in the addin when file paths in the activity package are too long.
  • SendEmail now has a relaxed validation mode where invalid addresses do not cause a total failure. Also, it is now possible to send emails as long as there is at least one valid email address in any of the To, CC, BCC fields.
  • Fixed a bug in GetADUserInfo
  • StartActivity and QueueActivity now support file inputs.
  • VALUE and NUMBERVALUE now produce warnings instead of messages when the inputs cannot be converted to a number.
  • Fix to DataFromText UI that wasn't loading formats correctly for an existing formula.
  • DataFromExcel now ignores the password provided when the file is not encrypted. This enables the use of an unencrypted file where an encrypted file is expected.
  • ExportToDatabase for SQL Server now reports row-level errors when an attempt is made to insert NULL into a non-nullable column. This makes it a lot easier to diagnose the problematic row.
  • The default AllowedFileNameRegex setting now allows commas. This will not affect installations where the setting is already present in the config file.
  • Fixes to the email listening functionality in IMAP to handle errors better.
  • ExportToHtml template now supports type="date". This allows the use of format strings for Excel numbers to be interpreted as dates.
  • The auto-generated API for activities now supports providing a json value for text inputs without needing to serialize it.
  • The auto-generated API for activities now supports providing a json value for text inputs without needing to serialize it.
  • Fixed bug where DataFromDatabase with manual query or procedure could cause graph resolution errors.
  • DataFromEmail now saves attachments to files with the correct filename instead of a GUID.
  • Fixed bug where Define Activity screen would fail to load if the Validation for an input became invalid through deletion of the cell.
  • Added support for specifying a right for an activity input. Only users with the right will be able to specify a value for such inputs when running the activity.
  • Manual Download links (if script based download fails)

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