Get Started !

Welcome to the documentation pages for SheetKraft.

  • Functions

    Functions page has all the functions explained that are being offered by SheetKraft, it will help you in using them for use cases designed as per your requirement. It gives you step by step explanation of using some of the key functions of SheetKraft.

  • Implementation Guide

    A guide to understand about SheetKraft and how it can be implemented

  • Exercises

    To help you warm up we have put up some use cases which you can refer to, to get hands on experience for our product SheetKraft

  • Release Notes

    List of all the releases of SheetKraft you can download and install the latest versions either as patch, full or add in installer. This page explains in detail the new features included in the releases and about any bugs that have been fixed.

  • Technical Specifications

    The document defines a set of requirements to run SheetKraft on your machine.