Automating the Business and Incentive reporting

Posted under case studies on May 27 , 2021 by Kapil Tahilyani


Automating the Business and Incentive reporting

To secure the loans taken by customers, the field agents are given incentives to sell insurance policies provided by the credit protection team. We are excited to introduce the Sheetkraft (SK) tool to automate business and incentive reporting efficiently and in much less time. The end to end process will now take only 15 – 20 minutes as against 8 hours it takes now. Sheetkraft is designed to generate an incentive report for agents and a channel-wise distribution of insurance sold.

The current process includes different activities such as email exchange for incentive calculation and issuance dump, SM-FLS channel mapping, collation of the different channels and Incentive report generation. Every activity takes anywhere between one to three hours at each step. By automating the process using SheetKraft – a rapid application development framework we can complete the task much faster and achieve the following benefits:

  1. Loaders can be uploaded on SheetKraft UI and collated in respective database tables. Users have the flexibility to download loader files according to their needs using a date filter and thereby saving a lot of time.
  2. It can use separate master maintenance activities for the six masters at different steps of calculations.
  3. It can do a date check for all the master and loader files.
  4. Repetitive application of the formula for the calculation can be eliminated.
  5. An email exchange between the CP team and field team will not be required
  6. It will store calculated issuance dumps in a database and daily reports can be generated as needed

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